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Orestes Wedding


Bespoke Events Planners

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Designing events and organizing them is our passion. Conceiving exclusive experiences, planning every detail and providing customized solutions is our way of turning each occasion into a special moment.
We focus on modern clients, who know what they want and expect to receive it from a creative perspective and with a personal touch. 


Welcome to Orestes Wedding Planner! The first step towards your dreams starts here.


Weddings, renewal of votes, corporate events, anniversary, quinces, sweet 16th, children's birthdays, cocktails, catering, intimate or family dinners. Whatever the reason for celebration, we offer our specialized services in decoration and event organization, advice and management for catering and bars, and photography of your special occasion.

Why choose Orestes Wedding Planner?
Behind each service we offer is a team of highly qualified professionals to generate exclusive environments and work processes adapted to any requirement, whatever the event you want to perform. The premise that motivates us is to guide you from start to finish, with proven customer service routines, which include all communication channels.

There are no limits to our ability to create

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Home and business owners throughout South Florida can benefit from our experience and expertise in our services. Our areas of work include:

  • Miami

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Pembroke Pines

  • Hollywood

  • West Palm Beach 

  • Centre Spatial Kennedy

  • Fort Myers

  • Naples

  • Sarasota

  • Venice

  • St Petersburg

  • Clear Waterlargo

  • Fort Pierce

  • Melborne

  • Kissimmee

  • Oralando

  • Lessburg

  • Ocala

What do our customers say
"Professionalism, good taste and personalized service, they always have the right solution to every problem, the perfect idea for every occasion, with them I feel confident, success is guaranteed."


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